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Have you been begging your ex to take you back and now your ex just wants to be friends?


Your ex says she needs space or she blocked you on everything and has moved on?!

Did you feel overwhelmed after you breakup and started freaking out once you and your ex broke up? Have you tried everything like begging and pleading her desperately for days, or even weeks to give you another chance? Have you tried writing a letter to your ex to express your feelings and regrets for her?

Or did you send her an “ex back good times” text / good memories text in the hopes that she will realize that she should give your relationship another chance? Did you hope that you could make her reminisce about your relationship but no matter what you tried to get her back, all you were left with was the heart-shattering realization of “my ex hates me“?

Getting an ex back with logic is near-impossible. We’re rationally irrational. We believe that in order to win an ex back, we need to prove our love to her but the truth is that women do not care about their ex partners after a breakup. Studies have revealed that they think differently than men do.

The only thing that brings an ex back is to not contact her and make her miss you and realize that she should give your relationship another chance. This is called the no contact rule. Can you recover after begging for ex & making her think you’re weak and needy? Yes. If you’ve been begging after a breakup, the only way to get an ex back is for it to be her own choice. Your job is to give her time & space to re-evaluate your relationship.

Does not reaching out to an ex sound TERRIFYING? Do you ask yourself will no contact make her move on and will your ex forget about you…?


Wouldn’t you give anything to make her miss you so your ex reaches out during no contact?

I want you to think ahead five months into the future. What is it that you would wish for if you had a magic wand and could wish for anything in the world right now? What would your relationship with your ex-girlfriend look like?

I am sure your magic wand wish looks something like your ex no longer missing you because she can’t get enough of you & your relationship. Wouldn’t you give everything to be with your ex girlfriend again, be in love like you used to, spend precious time together and fall asleep together, then wake up in the morning and be greeted by her gorgeous, kind & loving eyes and that beautiful smile on her face?

I know you’d climb mountains to be able to make love again with the woman of your dreams. I admire your dedication and love for your ex-girlfriend but I am also here to warn you.

To get her back, you’ve got to do whatever it takes to avoid making more mistakes that turn her off and make her reject you again. One reason why no contact works so well is that — when done right — it’s the perfect method to reset and prove to her that she can trust you.

The big problem is that right now you must be feeling incredibly lonely & don’t know what to do and how to move forward from your breakup mistakes. After a breakup, most people experience an intense loss of self. Knowing what to do when you feel lonely after a breakup is essential to get your ex back.

Otherwise, you’ll fall prey to the illusion of action: The false believe that you need to do 100 different things to prove to your ex girlfriend that she should take you back. Unfortunately, this relatable desire to convince you ex to get back together often leads down to the rabbit hole of seemlingly doing all of the biggest no contact mistakes.

You can make your ex fall in love with you again & BRING BACK THE PASSION if you set yourself up for success…



Here’s how to win her back ?

Hi, it’s Andy Graziosi
and you are a king ?

I created a 10-Day Bootcamp to help you find back to your former self. Here’s why this is the only way to win her back…

Most men who miss their ex and want her to come back do the exact opposite of what’s necessary to get back together. They’ll google “how to get your ex back“, stumble upon the “no contact rule” and they’ll be told that everything needed to make them miss you is to not talk to their ex and use the 30 day no contact rule or 60 day no contact rule and Shazam…! Your ex will reach out you and you will get back together. It’s not that simple & sets you up for even more daily anxiety, reducing your chances to win your ex back.

Most men never focus on what to do after a breakup to feel better. Instead, they focus on what to do after a breakup to get her back. But here’s the big secret to getting an ex back: Getting an ex back is only 30% about understanding what your ex is thinking during no contact. The other 70% are about being the man your ex can fall in love with again.

Do you want your ex back? Stop thinking about them! One of the biggest mistakes during no contact is to obsess over an ex and how to play 4D-Chess to outmaneuver her with every move. This is a false notion. The no-contact rule is not about reattracting an ex. It’s about being the man your ex can’t help but be attracted to. The best advice to get an ex back is to stop obsessing over an ex. Instead, you have to begin obsessing over what made her fall in love with you and finding back to this version of yourself.

Your ex is a queen and she wants to be with her king. Using the no contact rule method as a waiting game is foolish, because that approach is a disaster waiting to happen. What do you think is going to happen if you use the no contact rule to get her back but once she comes back, she will find you in the same desperate, insecure state that you’re currently in? She’s going to reject you. She’s going to ghost you. She’s going to friendzone you. And she is going to leave you again.

This bootcamp is the best breakup motivation to help you stop feeling helpless, disoriented and lost after your breakup. If you feel stuck and anxious that getting your ex back seems impossible, then this action-focused approach to manifest your ex back is perfect for you.

What you need is a solid get her back action plan, not only a few psychological hacks that are supposed to magically get your ex crawling back. Yes, you will learn all the most important breakup psychology, but this bootcamp goes far beyond that.

I won’t bullshit you with all the stuff you want to hear when you go through this bootcamp. This bootcamp tells you what you need to hear. For example, trying to make an ex come back crawling on her feet is messed up and the worst mindset to get an ex back.

In this bootcamp, I’ll teach you how to handle a break up like a man, to return to being the self-developed, masculine man that your woman fell in love with in the first place, and even better, we will transform you from your current state of heartbreak anxiety, into a king who will inspire your ex, make her question her decision to break up, and make your ex miss you.

Not with break up manipulation, but instead, through no contact encouragement that changes your life and leads to you & your ex texting again. My 10-Day Ex-Back Bootcamp Break Up To Make Up follows an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to set you up for success with your ex girlfriend.

It will leave you inspired by instilling a new mindset that makes your ex gravitate around your new-found masculine strength. Most importantly, because I know you are already overwhelmed with your current situation, this bootcamp will not drown you in an endless stream of knowledge that you couldn’t possibly remember, instead, we will focus on the most crucial psychological principles and move on to real steps you can take to reattract your ex. 

Just click the button below to join the bootcamp now or keep reading to find out more.

Here’s The Break Up To Make Up 10-Day Training Curriculum

Break Up To Make Up gives you a comprehensive, guided 10-Day Bootcamp to overcome your breakup anxiety in order to become the high-value, confident man your ex fell in love with & reattract your ex.

The bootcamp teaches you the most essential “how to get your ex back” secrets backed by science, psychological human behavior patterns & psychological biases, as well as research about breakups & relationships.

The Bootcamp is designed to guide you through the right action steps to prevent further mistakes with your ex girlfriend, recover from the mistakes you’ve already made, and prepares you to reconnect with your ex girlfriend in a way that feels natural to her & makes her want to let you back into her life.

Each day in the bootcamp is followed by one day of meaningful homework that puts you back on track with your life. Throughout the bootcamp, you will learn how to use the no contact rule effectively to give her space and time she needs to reach out to you again.

If you have been begging and pleading, this bootcamp will help you relieve your breakup anxiety, bring back your dignity and make your ex rediscover her trust & respect for you, so she will fall in love with you again.

Who This How To Get Your Ex Back
Training Bootcamp Is For

Hey king,
I will not yet try to sell you on joining Break Up To Make Up.
Instead, I will simply tell you who it is for …and who it’s NOT for.

If it is for you, keep reading.

This Program Is For:

  • Men who begged & pleaded and overstepped their exes boundaries and wish to undo the damage they did to her trust after the first weeks to months after the breakup.
  • Men who can’t sleep or focus during the day and are overcome with anxiety or panic attacks because they miss their ex girlfriend, but wish to find peace of mind to get their ex back while staying sane.
  • Men who are lost and seem to have forgotten who they are and what they should do with their life now that she is gone. This is for those men who want to find their strength again & prove to their ex that pushing through with the breakup was a mistake.
  • Men who feel overwhelmed by their countless questions about what their ex is feeling and want a simple hands-on process for getting their ex back without having to study endlessly.
  • Men who have a “support system” of friends & family who encourage them to just move on and accept that she wasn’t the right one for you. It’s for men who want to fight for their relationship rather than throwing in the towel without even trying to reconcile.

This Program Is NOT For:

  • Men who believe in magic overnight fixes. This bootcamp & coaching program has been designed to be a NO BULLSHIT guide to help you get your ex back. Most ex-back programs will tell you that your ex will desperately come back crawling after 30 days of no contact. This leaves you with the wrong expectations and sets you up for failure. I designed this experience to understand psychological human biases that explain why, how and when you can get your ex back, but it’s up to you to do the work and not rush into getting your ex back overnight.
  • Men who only want to rely on a bunch of psychological manipulation techniques to get their ex back. Psychology hacks may work on the surface, but don’t bring the results you seek. Your ex will only stay with you if you truly do the work to transform your relationship. This bootcamp has been designed to help you get your ex back for good, instead of getting her back for two weeks, only for her to leave you again for another man & break up for good this time.

How To Become The Confident Man Again Who Your Ex-Girlfriend Respects & Loves

If you don’t believe in yourself and your value, then your ex-girlfriend will never see your value, and she’ll never take you back. The best “ex-back pickup lines” in the world won’t bring her back if she doesn’t feel you have changed.

When you can start to believe in yourself again, become confident & see the king within you, your ex will see you as the “perfect package” again and she will naturally come back to reevaluate the breakup with you.

In the Break Up To Make Up Bootcamp, you’ll learn all the breakup psychology fundamentals as well as my advanced, powerful philosophies & paradigm shifts that will make your ex feel inspired by you & chase you again.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the bootcamp:

Module 1

Understanding Lack Of Confidence

  • Men who are “naturals” also suffer from lack of confidence, fears of rejection, anxiety, shyness & “male imposter syndrome” but you’ll transcend these with new emotional skills
  • You’ll learn to believe in yourself with a “confidence code” that translates  your deepest desires in life into energy any woman will feel in her heart
  • Masculinity esteem” is key to success and Confidence King will help you build the emotional courage and internal power to handle any woman

Module 2

Overcoming Our Fears

  • In Confidence King, you’ll create a unique understanding of “Fearvana”, where most men get stuck. You’ll become aware of the roots of your fears and become the master of them instead of them enslaving you.
  • This gives you a unique advantage over other men who are still afraid, as it highlights you as special and makes you “a little bit famous” in the minds of women.
  • You’ll also create a valuable masculine identity that has you stand out to women and grabs attention in a noisy dating world where there are five men for every woman.

Module 3

Embracing Rejection — Not Fearing It

  • You’ll begin to use rejection in your favor, rather than dreading it like most men do.  You’ll be as proud of your failures as your successes, and women will start to notice that your mindset is different than that of other men.
  • You’ll begin to take action when every other man would feel paralyzed to make a move. Women will feel safe around you, rather than wanting to escape a man who seems afraid of being rejected by them.
  • Women-pleasing will become a thing of the past. Women will urgently want to prove to you that they are good enough for you, rather than you wondering whether you’re good enough for her. Instead of women rejecting you, you’ll begin to do some of the rejecting yourself.

Module 4

Breaking Through The Confidence Barrier

  • No matter how much progress you’ll make, you’ll eventually hit a barrier: The type of woman who seems just a little bit too hot for you. Breaking Through The Confidence Barrier instills the mindsets needed to get to the next level, once you’ve had your first successes on the dating playing field.
  • Discover why the hottest women out there are those who want to be with a confident man like you the most. No woman is unreachable once you know how to break through the Confidence Barrier.
  • Learn what to do when you seem to be stuck and can’t get to the next stage with an incredible woman. She wants you to succeed & get to the finish line. Get yourself unstuck and take the lead with the perfect woman.

Module 5

Dealing With Inevitabable Setbacks

  • Access our collection of behavior changes and transformation frames curated over 10 years of studying dating & rejection.
  • Dozens of ideas and approaches explained and demonstrated, so you can get back on your feet when something didn’t work out with a woman you dated.
  • Recover from the inevitable setbacks & get the girl you’ve been dating to be into you again after it seemed as if you couldn’t go on another date with her.

Module 6

Maintaining The Confidence You Gained

  • Build and maintain your confidence — becoming confident is the first step, not losing your momentum & confidence is the next step to ensure you’ll feel powerful no matter what life or your woman throws at you.
  • Learn to create massive momentum and find the perfect rhythm to keep on attracting beautiful women, even when life throws stones in your way
  • This system was used to build this online course, create 100s of long-lasting relationships, and attract stunning models — man of whom married my clients.

Your Break Up To Make Up Bonus

Get this valuable bonus when you register for Break Up To Make Up today:

BONUS: Lifetime 50% Discount On All Private Coaching Sessions

This is where all the pieces come together, and you get to put everything into practice and talk with me about any specific questions you have for your unique situation.

Most men feel so overwhelmed after a breakup that the best thing they can invest in is a coach who helps them relieve their anxiety and come up with a tailor-made action plan to get their ex back, uniquely hand-crafted for their breakup situation. 

With everything you’ve learned, you will be self-sufficient to reattract your ex girlfriend and ready to live without anxiety. Coaching is the next logical step to go even further. Good coaching empowers functional individuals to take the next powerful step.

After this bootcamp, you’ll be ready to take the next level.  The sky is the limit and I am here to help you with it your relationship goals.

By signing up to this bootcamp, you’re already a winner. The discount for a single coaching session already pays back your investment for this bootcamp.


Value: $125 each

You Also Receive A
100% “Double Success” Guarantee

I want you to feel safe and secure as you purchase Break Up To Make Up. When you complete your online classes and go through the bootcamp, I want you to be able to use what you learn and set yourself up for success to reattract your ex & get back together.

To help you make a confident decision, I have two guarantees for you.

Guarantee #1

You get a “7-Day Tour” that allows you to try Break Up To Make Up for one week, then make your decision.

If you participate in Break Up To Make Up, and you don’t get the results you want, then I believe it’s not your fault, and you deserve your money back.

I offer you these guarantees so you can feel comfortable enrolling, knowing you’ll have a great experience and get triumphant results.

Guarantee #2

You Get Our 20-Day “Breakup Peace Guarantee”

This allows you to attend the entire 20-Day Break Up To Make Up course, and use what you learn to find anxiety relief & get ready to talk to your ex without screwing it up.

I guarantee you’ll get at least back to your old former self. The king your ex first fell in love with, or you get 100% of your money back.

The one condition is that you send us your homework to show that you attended, and that you tried.

If you participate in Break Up To Make Up, and you don’t get the results you want, then I believe it’s not your fault, and you deserve your money back.

I offer you these guarantees so you can feel comfortable enrolling, knowing you’ll have a great experience and get triumphant results.

Now It’s Your Time To Join!

Break Up To Make Up is the most transformational ex back reattraction training for men you can take in 2022. It has been redesigned from the ground up for today’s challenges, and will help you overcome your breakup anxiety and make your ex fall back in love with you.

I want to invite you to make the decision to commit to yourself, a new & better relationship with your ex, and commit to your future with the woman of your dreams waking up next to you every morning.

Register for Break Up To Make Up now, and I’ll see you inside!



Here’s Everything You Get When You Register Today…




For men with manageable anxiety who want to learn self-paced

Breakup Psychology 101
10-Day Breakup Bootcamp
50% Off On Coaching Sessions

Bootcamp Plus
3 Coaching Sessions


Total Value: $894

Perfect for men with
extreme breakup anxiety

Breakup Psychology 101
10-Day Breakup Bootcamp
50% Off
On Coaching Sessions
3 One-Hour Coaching Sessions

Bootcamp Plus
1 Coaching Session


Total Value: $396

For men who need additional guidance & help

Breakup Psychology 101
10-Day Breakup Bootcamp
50% Off
On Coaching Sessions
1 One-Hour Coaching Session

Sign Up Now — 100% Risk-Free

As I mentioned in the video, with our 20-Day 100% Risk-Free Guarantee, you don’t need to fully commit to Break Up To Make Up until you’ve tried the entire bootcamp… so click above and register now!

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Copyright © 2021 Andy Graziosi. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions