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Visualize your dream relationship on pen & paper with the Couples Canvas

Studies have proven that we end up dating who we expect to date. But most of us only subconsciously have expectations for our relationships. I always say “Clarity is king” and powerfully believe that great relationships are created, not found. If you are still single and can’t find the right woman for you, chances are that you haven’t created enough clarity about what type of woman you want to be with.

Visualization is crucial for getting what you want in life. Grab my free Couples Canvas template and visualize what a great relationship looks like to you.

Are you struggling to build a relationship that fulfills you and your woman?

Outstanding relationships are rarely a coincidence. They’re almost always created by two people with clear standards & expectations how they want to live their live & how they want to be loved.

When a man & a woman share the same principles for life & love, they begin to vibrate on the same wavelength and resonate. It’s that resonance that draws us to each other and makes us feel loved & appreciated.

If you want to create a relationship that truly makes you and your woman happy, you need to discover your frequency so you’re able to tune into the same channel as your dream woman.

Once you do, the relationship you seek will appear in front of you in a flash.

The Couples Canvas is easy to use…

The Couples Canvas has been designed with simplicity and clarity in mind. The canvas includes 9 cornerstone questions any man should have answered to attract his dream woman. These questions were designed to help you visualize and spot the right woman when you meet her.

Each of the 9 questions can be answered in 5 minutes.


… and comes in two versions

Singles Edition

  • Helps you create clarity around what qualities your dream woman embodies
  • Helps you manifest her into your life by making it crystal clear when you’ve met her
  • Helps you understand what qualities you lack to date your dream woman & make her happy

Couples Edition

  • Helps you create shared understanding around what your biggest reasons for being a couple are
  • Helps you understand what matters to your woman & how to best make each other happy
  • Helps you recognize when your relationship lost its sense of direction & helps you get back on track

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Hi, I’m Andy Graziosi, a dating coach for men who want improve their relationships. In the past, most of my relationships were plagued with failures and disappointments until a relationship in my 30s went terribly awry and helped me make a giant breakthrough in understanding a woman’s desires and needs.

I am the author of Unleash The King Within, I organize men’s groups & retreats and I offer 1-on-1 coaching to help men attract and make women happy so they can live their best lives as a couple.

Get Your Copy of The Couples Canvas…

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Copyright © 2021 Andy Graziosi. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions