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She Lost Interest & we are Taking a BREAK — Should you Date Around?

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In today’s video, we’re going to talk about a woman who lost interest in you, or specifically, well, it’s basically a breakup story of a guy who has been short-term dating, she lost interest, she wants a break, or she took a break, she said, “Hey, we need a break.” And the question is, what do you do with the situation? Now, typically, obviously, my content is about re-attracting an ex, going no contact, going your own way, working on yourself, and eventually, most likely, she will come back. And if you do everything right, if you play your cards right, then you can re-attract her and get back with her. But sometimes, I also think it’s a good idea to just say, “You know what? This is probably not gonna work out.” And in this case, in the situation that I see here with this guy, my intuition is telling me, “Okay, probably, you should not try to re-attract her because she doesn’t value him enough, she doesn’t appreciate him enough.” And they can probably find a woman that loves him a lot more. And I can tell you, when you are with a woman who just loves you to death, there’s nothing better than that. So, let’s get into the situation, let’s see what I have to say.

When Your Ex Girlfriend Lost Interest: When She Says She Wants A Break From The Relationship

Hello, coach, I hope you can give me some advice about my current breakup situation. I don’t really know what’s the right thing to do right now. My ex girlfriend broke up with me two months ago, saying that she needs a break to figure out if we are still right for each other. For a little bit of context, we are a fairly short-term couple. We’ve been together for six months before the breakup.

So basically, she doesn’t need to find a break or do a break to figure out if we are still right for each other. She figured that already out. She already figured out: You’re not right for her, man. And she probably just wants to figure out if she can date someone else. She’s not sure about you. It’s only been six months. And if after six months, she already can tell that there’s something off with either you, maybe she doesn’t like something with you specifically because you’re doing something wrong, or it’s just that you’re not compatible or you’re not what she’s looking for, whatever it is, man, she’s just not really into you. And she’s probably already interested in dating other guys. So you probably haven’t even really done something wrong most likely, and in a scenario like this, probably you just wanna walk away, but let’s first continue with the story and then I’ll give my two cents on this.

The Low Emotionally Invested Ex-Girlfriend: What To Do When She Loses Interest So Easily

I had no idea that Wendy, my ex, felt that way about us. It kind of came out of nowhere because I was happy in the relationship, but for some reason, she wanted a break, even though I asked her what the matter was, and she couldn’t explain herself to me. She just thought that she wasn’t sure about our relationship. So there was no point in talking to her about it because it was like talking to a brick wall. I had to agree to the breakup. I decided to go into contact and see what happens. I also did not beg. For sure, I was shocked and nearly cried when she broke up with me, but I managed to keep my composure and stay strong, even though I’m head over heels into her. I really saw this going somewhere.

Exactly, you saw it going somewhere and she just didn’t. It’s six months into the relationship, and she just, she can’t see herself marrying you in the future, probably she can’t see herself having kids with you in the future. She can’t see herself moving in with you and being happy with you. Something is just off for her. I know you want to tell yourself that “I can make this work in the future“, but she can’t explain it to you. Why can’t she explain it to you? Because she just doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, man. She knows very clearly, most likely, that whatever it is that she doesn’t like about you, whatever reason she has for not wanting to date you, it could be as simple as she just saw some other guys and she finds them more attractive or more interesting. Now, that doesn’t even mean that you are not interesting. It just means that maybe other guys are more interesting to her. Whatever her reason is, she knows very clearly what it is and she just didn’t want to tell you and she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. And yeah, man, I mean, you just kind of walk away from this kind of scenario, but let’s see what you say because you want her back clearly, so let’s get into this.

When Waiting For An Ex Is Not Worth It: Should You Wait For Her Or Start Dating Again?

I swear to God, we didn’t have big fights or anything like that. We didn’t even have many fights or arguments in general. I really was starting to get comfortable with her and then this happened out of fucking nowhere. It really hurts because she’s the first woman I’ve opened up to in a long time after a lot of heartbreak after two years ago. So now I am doing no contact, but I’m not sure what to do next.

Well, as she first, let’s go back up because you say “She’s the first woman that you’ve opened up to after two years of heartbreak.” So now she’s like that special woman to you that you’ve opened up to for the first time and you felt like, “Yeah, I can’t date anymore. Well, I’m not happy. I can’t believe that I’m gonna ever fall in love with another woman or something like that.” For some reason, you basically weren’t ready to date, right? And yeah, you didn’t have any fights and all that stuff. Everything is cool with her. You’re probably over-valuing her. Maybe she’s a great woman, but the problem is… Right now I have no context. You haven’t been dating for two years, right? Then you start dating her again. You think everything is great, but you can probably find another woman who is just as great as her. It’s just that she was the first one that you opened up to, but that might not necessarily be about her.

It’s not that she was the first woman who is so great that made you open up to. Something inside of you made you choose to open up and you are already ready to open up now. So that means you can also open up to another woman. So this one has clearly not been working out for some reason, and you’re basically ready to date again. Now you can stick to the situation and try to re-attract her or recognize that you made progress. You had a breakthrough moment. You had a big heartbreak. You couldn’t date for a while. Now you’re able to date again and you made the leap. You jumped into a new relationship. It didn’t work out, but now you’re ready to give it another shot. So you can now open dating apps or start meeting new women wherever you want to, and it’s going to work out most likely if you give it a shot. She’s not the only woman on the planet. She’s the first woman after your heartbreak that gave you a lot of happiness, but there are a lot of women who can give you that same kind of happiness. You’re probably just not focused on that, and that’s why you are so focused on her.

Short Term Dating Break Up: Does No Contact Work On Short Term Relationships?

So now I am doing no contact, but I’m not sure what to do next. Do I keep it up? Do I reach out to her after a while since we haven’t been a couple for a long time? Or what’s the best strategy after a breakup so early on? I really wish we could make things work again, but I have no idea what she actually needs or wants right now. How do you actually solve a problem like this? Not just the reattraction part, but also obviously she wasn’t sure about the relationship, but she never properly gave me a reason why, so without understanding why she wanted space, I can’t really try to steer myself and our hopefully future relationship in the right direction. I assume you have some thoughts on that. Thanks for your advice, Michael.

So yeah, my thoughts on that is that you can’t steer this in any direction because she has no interest in you, and basically you can’t do anything there because there’s not much attraction on her part. She doesn’t just want a space or a break. It’s not like she fell deeply in love with you. She’s been with you for six months. Maybe she liked the time initially, but then eventually she realized something’s missing. The chemistry is missing, her desire to be with you, long-term is missing, something was missing for her, and that will probably never be there. I know you don’t wanna hear that, but if that was never there and you couldn’t develop that in the first six months, you will never get that, man. Maybe if you try really hard, you might be able to get it, but it’s just not worth it, dude. What you should be doing is start dating new women.

I know that is not what you want to hear, but even if this scenario wouldn’t be so obvious, even if it would be a relationship like one and a half years or two years, and you had a really great connection and maybe you had a lot of fights, but you really love each other and then you decide to take a break, and it’s not like some bullshit, like, “Oh, I need a break.” No, it’s just, it’s too much drama, too much pain, and you decided to take a break. Even then, I would suggest start dating other women because you can always find another woman who can make you happy. It is really tough to recognize that when you’re having heartbreak or when you’re really, really attached to a woman, I know how freaking hard that is. It is just not easy to let go of someone that you really appreciate, but sometimes you just gotta make that tough call and say, “Look, this is not right for me, but there is something slightly off here, but there are many women just like that who give me all the happiness that I’m feeling right now. Plus, they’re also going to give me even more. That one thing that’s not working out for whatever reason she doesn’t like me, I can find a woman who does have that, in quotes, flow and she will make me so much happier.

Look, you can stick to no contact and hope that she’s going to reach out to you. Maybe she will reach out to you at some point, it could be possible, but most likely from my perspective, what she’s going to do is she’s going to reach out to you when she’s basically exhausted all her options. You will be her plan B, you will be her plan C, maybe even her plan D. Basically, this woman will only come back to you if she just never can find anyone. It’s not like an ex who really deeply, profoundly cares about you and comes back because yes, it probably didn’t work out with another guy, but she clearly loves you and she just decided she made a mistake with breaking up or leaving and letting it go and giving up on the relationship. And she recognized, “I dated some other guys, but just doesn’t even come close to the relationship that you had.” I don’t think she ever had that stage of relationship where she felt so close to you. I don’t think you’re ever going to get that back. So don’t reach out to her, don’t even do no contact, man.

You should just stay focused on yourself. I know it hurts a little bit, but you’ve only been dating for… Do I remember it correctly, six months? So you should be fine with just dating other women. And you will be surprised, you will probably relatively quickly find another woman who is just that great. Now, sometimes in rare occasions, you have that incredibly great connection with a woman and it’s hard to replace. Maybe she’s that kind of woman for you, but even then it doesn’t matter if she has not the same attraction for you or she doesn’t feel the same way about you, you still gotta move forward and date other women. And even if it takes you five more women to find that same connection, then you gotta go through five women and meet five different women until you have that same connection again. It’s better to go through a little bit of pain with the dating period and then be in a relationship that is really satisfying on all aspects. You thought that everything is satisfying, but clearly, there was a big problem. She was basically constantly questioning the relationship. So this relationship would have just deteriorated more.

So you should actually be grateful to her that she broke it off so early and she was, in quotes, honest with you. She didn’t drag it on, she just broke up with you. She didn’t tell you why, but she just was not into you and maybe she wants to date another guy. So my advice, I know you don’t wanna hear it, don’t do no contact or don’t try to re-attract her. Just do your own thing, start dating new women and recognize that you are now basically over your big heartbreak from two years ago. And I think you can now find a woman who gives you exactly what you want. She couldn’t give that to you from the looks of it. So basically, well, forget her, ignore her. She lost interest in you, you gotta lose interest in her. Also, it’s only been six months, so it’s not that long. You shouldn’t be too attached to her. I know six months is quite long already, you can really fall for a girl in six months as well. But you should be able to let this go and accept that this was just not meant to be. And be grateful that she broke it off quickly. She essentially didn’t lead you on too much. That’s a good thing actually, that says something about her. She’s probably not a bad woman, she just wasn’t feeling it. So be grateful that you’re free to now explore other options. And I guarantee you, you’re going to find a better option. So that’s my advice for you. Let me know in the comments what you think. Give me a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel, and never forget to unleash the king within.

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